[Video] Surprise! Henry Cejudo has found his belt

Henry Cejudo meets with his belt after lose for eight days. (credit: Instagram)

After eight days disappeared, finally appeared the belt of the champion of fly-weight in the UFC, Henry Cejudo, which had been lost in Moscow.

Cejudo was invited to witness the UFC Fight Night 136 the end of last week in Moscow, Russia, when his luggage went astray, leaving him stranded in the european country and also without a belt, since this was within your luggage.

A few hours ago Cejudo was published in his account of Instagram a video where he “meets” again with the treasure gold in the UFC, a moment worthy of capture by the emotion with which the athlete reacted.

“After eight days I had a meeting rewarding this morning”, he wrote in his publication “The Messenger”.

“Do not ever lose you from my sight, I understand,” said Cejudo in the video while he kissed the belt as if it were a little newborn baby.

It would be the second time that Cejudo loses a “trophy” or prize, as last year he lost his gold medal from the olympic games of 2008 due to a forest fire that has affected your residence.

Apparently, it is not yet time to lose the title.

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