UFC Fight Night 125: “The Dragon” Lyoto Machida surpassed Eryk Anders in his first win since the 2014

ufc fight night 125 lyoto machida eryk anders

Have been difficult years for Lyoto Machida, tough consecutive defeats and an absence for a confession to the accidental use of a prohibited substance. But sometimes the veterans in decline have their moments of glory on the young prospects with a lot to Polish, and that was the case against Eryk Anders in the stellar UFC Fight Night 125. Physically impressive and very able at that time to put his opponent against the cage, Anders was unable to do so, and attacked soon, and “The Dragon” took points to the distance with an arsenal of kicks, found his famous backlash and even pressed on the offensive to take a split decision is well earned.

Valentina Shevchenko announced his arrival to the fly-weight with an excess of violence and swept his unfortunate rival. Little or nothing was able to get Priscilla Cachoeira, which ended up as a sacrifice to frame to “Bullet” as a competitor of elite in his second division. In contrast, the encounter was all brightness of Shevchenko, who connected with a brutal backlash after the other, took the fight to the canvas, to the will, took with ease the top position and rained ground and pound until the fatigue, finally shutting down a mataleones to the four minutes and 25 seconds of round two.

Michel Prazeres triumphed in what was the third fight in succession in getting to the judges, receiving a unanimous decision over Desmond Green. Although both men were able to take the match to the mat, the brazilian could be imposed of foot in addition to scoring more takedowns and threaten submissions. The combination of the advantage in the striking, by hard blows and kicks to the distance in order to impose respect, and control in the grappling with multiple closed attempts of submissions, ended up by giving a “Trator” and the endorsement on the cards.

Timothy Johnson returned to avoid the first losing streak of his career with a unanimous decision over Marcelo Golm. The brazilian Golm took its toll when he had space to work and connected with brutal leg kicks that had a clear effect on his opponent, but could not impose their rhythm against an opponent, veteran. Johnson, for his part, applied a good plan for cutting with the progress of his opponent, closing to the clinch after connecting with combinations short and forcing the fight against the cage to control the meeting and take the decision.

Douglas Silva de Andrade dominated Marlon Vera to be an undisputed unanimous decision with three cards of 30-27. “Chito” Vera did what he could, trying to stop the advance of his opponent with kicks to the legs and getting into exchanges with the brazilian, but did not have the power nor the strategy to deal with the aggression of his opponent. The pressure of “D’ Silva” controlled the encounter from start to finish, the habitats of the ecuadorian and allowing Andrade to connect fierce blows to the body and to the head and a good variety of kicks in all the rounds to secure the victory.

Thiago “Marreta” Santos and Anthony Smith, opened the billboard of the best way, but it was Saints who took the win by technical knockout at one minute three seconds of round two. Both men exchanged hard shots and key positions on the canvas in this active battle, but it was Saints who prevailed in quality. Marreta swept and monitored with ease on the canvas, and made excellent use of his kicks, even by connecting a turntable that could have ended the encounter, and ended by defeat to Smith with a kick to the liver that dropped him to his knees and unable to defend themselves.

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