Tyron Woodley: “If I bet, my next fight will be with Nate Diaz”

Not done the fight at the end of the year, everything seemed to indicate that Tyron Woodley vs. Nate Diaz was ruled out. Now, however, the champion says that it is possible.

“I think the fight [Nate Diaz] is going to happen this year. I think it is much more likely than people think. There are conversations about Nate and I fighting in July. The UFC has offered him to Nate that fight. You only have to make it worth their time. I think that will fight against Nate this year, and I think that will be my return to the octagon. If I had to bet the house, that is my next opponent. Do in four weeks? No. Do not fight against him. If we’re fighting, I’m pretty sure that should be my title.

“Now, if you want to fight with him without the title in play, I’m going to have to get down on my knees and make a prayer to the most high for something like that. At this point of my career, if it is a fight that is not by my títul, I’m willing to go out of the box and do some different things. I just want to do something that I push forward in my career and drive my legacy“.

Source: BJPenn.com

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