Rose Namajunas: Mackenzie Dern’s ‘Lack of Effort’ to Make Weight Deserves Harsher Punishment

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On Saturday night at UFC 224 in
Rio de Janeiro, rising
Ultimate Fighting Championship
strawweight Mackenzie
scored an impressive win over Amanda
Bobby Cooper
. Dern weighed in for the bout seven pounds over
the strawweight limit, which understandably drew heavy criticism
from fellow fighters.

UFC strawweight champion Rose
, along with her fiancee and trainer Pat Barry,
were featured on Tuesday’s episode of the “UFC Unfiltered” podcast
and voiced her opinion on Dern’s weight cut:

“That right hand she threw looked like it was a big ol’ girl
throwing that punch,” said Namajunas. “That was a heavy, heavy
punch, and that was from a heavy girl. And not to say that that’s
not her punch and that’s not a dangerous punch, but maybe that
would’ve been a little bit different had she made weight or at
least gave an effort to make weight.”

While Dern has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism,
Namajunas believes there should be more consequences for fighters
in place who blatantly miss weight in a sport where any advantage
can mean the difference between a win and a loss:

“I don’t know what kind of consequences…but I hope that it’s
something that’s like…come on, girl.” Namajunas paused, apparently
still struggling to find the words before repeating in a
flabbergasted tone, “Come on, girl.

“I mean you didn’t even have abs, girl, like, come on.”

Namajunas did however praise the jiu-jitsu world champion and
stated that she would like to test her ground skills with someone
like Dern in the future, provided she can get her weight issues

“I thought, other than the weight issue, I thought she looked
great. I always wanted to test my jiu-jitsu against [someone at
Dern’s level] … that would be awesome. She’s just got to get her
sh*t together, and maybe that might be down the road.”

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