Mike Jackson: ‘I Wasn’t Showboating’

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In what appears to be a rare case of a fighter having to apologize
for a dominant victory, Mike
has found himself on the defensive regarding his
three-round blanking of CM Punk in
the days since
UFC 225

While Jackson’s win was never in doubt after the first few
exchanges, as indicated by the unanimous 30-26 scorecards, it also
featured moments where Jackson grinned, threw wind-up punches and
delivered ground-and-pound while looking away from Punk, in the
direction of his own corner. At the post-fight press conference, an
obviously displeased
Ultimate Fighting Championship
President Dana
accused Jackson of performing like a “goofball” and
claimed Jackson had never truly tried to finish his opponent.

Jackson recently told MMA Junkie that he had not been showboating,
and that he would like to discuss what happened with White

“I wanted to go out there and cook [Brooks] – and that’s what I
did,” Jackson said. “I got all 15 minutes, and good for him. I hope
this is going to be his last fight, so I wanted to go out there and
maximize his experience, as well, and give him the most [Octagon]

It is not Jackson and Brooks’ cage time that is being scrutinized
in the wake of UFC 225, though; it is their level of effort, and
how seriously the fight was taken by the promoter and the men
competing. While Brooks’ path to the UFC was paved by his celebrity
and connections to the organization from his professional wrestling
days, many fighters saw fit to praise the time and evident hard
work Brooks put into preparing for his two fights. Those who were
impressed included Mickey Gall, who handed both Brooks
and Jackson their first losses. Some of the backlash towards
Jackson’s perceived flippancy may be informed by that respect.

While only “The Truth” knows what was truly in his mind in the cage
that night, it remains to be seen whether fans and UFC brass will
be convinced by his explanation. At the time of the MMA Junkie
interview, Jackson had still received no communication regarding
his future with the promotion, but with Dana White’s Tuesday Night
Contender Series premiering not long after UFC 225, there has been
little or no down time for the UFC president. Jackson said he has
reached out and hopes to hear back from White soon.

Edward Carbajal serves as the lead MMA analyst for Frontproof Media and
holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a brown belt in Ishin
Ryu Karate. He has covered combat sports since 2014 and has been a
fan of MMA since UFC 1. You can follow him on Twitter @Carbazel or at his website

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