Mario Yamasaki on the controversy after UFC Fight Night 125: “I let Priscilla Cachoeira be a warrior”

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The most notable of UFC Fight Night 125 it was not the triumph of the veteran Lyoto Machida on the prospectus Eryk Anders in the star, but the brutal triumph of Valentina Shevchenko on the debutante Priscilla Cachoeira in the co-starring. The fight became awkward when it became obvious that the brazilian, nicknamed “Pedrita”, had no ability to defend himself and was still absorbing the blows of his opponent, and the action by referee Mario Yamasaki was harshly criticized even by the president of the UFC Dana White. Finally, Yamasaki responded to the criticism in a statement sent to MMA Fighting:

During the second assault I have told Pedrita that would stop the fight if he did not move, and each time I stopped I told her and she moved to escape the blows. Unfortunately, I can’t control the amount of blows thrown, when a fighter is trying to defend is still in the fight.

The fighters go through times of hard effort and dedication to be here. The MMA are a contact sport and no fighter likes that his quarrel is detained without opportunity to reverse the result. In my opinion, allow it to Pedrita be a warrior and keep fighting. Could have stopped the fight in the second crucifix or in the mounted full, but she was in motion all the time.

I also acknowledge that I should have stopped the fight when she tapeó for the first time to the mataleones. Only stopped a few seconds after.

In regard to the opinions of others, it is your right to express them.

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