Luke Rockhold and Alexander Gustafsson exchanged threats

With his friend Daniel Cormier going back to the weights full and about to retire, Luke Rockhold looks to be a good time to switch to weights semicompletos and already has a rivalry army. Was contender Alexander Gustafsson , who launched the challenge, and the former middleweight champion seems ready: “I like that fight. I think it was mean-spirited challenge me after I noquearon. I don’t know if he did it to lead to Cormier but I’ll go to 205 pounds,” said Rockhold to Ariel Helwani on his podcast The MMA Hour. “I’m going to take care of my affairs and more they had better be sure that I’m going to go out on your back”.

I knew you come for me and I could not ask for anything better. Fragile as a middle-weight, knocked out as a light heavyweight,” was the response of Gustafsson, who posted his first message against Rockhold after his brutal defeat by knockout against Yoel Romero at UFC 221. The former champion of the 185 pound had said that it planned to upgrade because of the difficulty of the weight cuts before that event, something that he repeated in his interview with Helwani, but “The Mauler” does not believe that that is the reason of the defeats Rockhold. “Fooling yourself if you think that is for cutting weight. I’ll be waiting!”.

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