Georges St. Pierre Posts Video Seconds After Being Charged by a Gorilla in Africa

Ultimate Fighting Championship
welterweight and middleweight
champion Georges St.
has posted an unusual video on social media seconds
after he was charged by an alpha male gorilla on a recent trip to

While “GSP” wasn’t injured in the incident, he did note in his post
that it was one of the most frightening and incredible experiences
of his life.

According to St. Pierre, the video was taken in Africa immediately
after the gorilla charged him. He had to go into a submissive
position to get out of its way.

St. Pierre last competed inside the Octagon in November last year
at UFC 217, where he claimed the middleweight title over Michael
. Although after only 34 days after the fight he
relinquished the belt in December after suffering from ulcerative
colitis. He stated he made the decision to vacate the title to
avoid holding up the middleweight division.

According to reports, the 37 year-old has not officially retired
from the sport, despite his health concerns and is still eyeing
more fights inside the Octagon against opponents who would bolster
his legacy in the sport.

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