Dana White does not want to Mario Yamasaki officiating fights of UFC

Mario Yamasaki makes his well-known greeting (Photo by Undisputed)

The well-known referee of MMA, Mario Yamasaki, is in the crosshairs of the president of the UFC, Dana White (again), after his performance in the UFC Belem.

White, took to their social networks for criticizing Yamasaki for what many thought was a stop extremely late in the fight, co-star of the UFC Belem between Valentina Shevchenko and Priscilla Cachoeira.

“Priscilla Cachoeira, proved as much heart and toughness in that fight,” Wrote White in his publication. “I am honored to fight in the UFC. Unfortunately, the referee is there to protect you and Mario DID NOT do that. This is not her first acting nasty in the octagon. Another unfortunate thing is that I can not do anything about that only the brazilian commission can and I am isperando that after this terrifying sight and incompetent that, with luck, will never again set foot in that octagon. The punches connected were 230-3.”

Shevchenko landed literally hundreds of unanswered blows on the head of Cachoeira while he was in a dominant position on the ground. In total, Shevchenko connected 230 strikes against three of Cachoeira, according to the page FightMetric.

This is not the first time that Yamasaki is in this situation, the past month of June was criticized by White after a “questionable” stoppage of the fight between Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa.

What say you, do he Had to stop the fight before the fight?

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