Conor tells you how to enter to the press conference with Khabib: “the ticket is a bottle of Proper Twelve”

A few days ago, Conor McGregor launched his own brand of whiskey, Proper Twelve. The irish want to continue enlarging his fortune, and nothing better than doing it with one of the beverage alcohol sold in the world. But it’s not all about winning money, it will donate a portion$ 5 from every bottle to organizations of first axilios.

Meanwhile, The Notorius held tomorrow his first press conference for his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. There is No doubt that all the fans want to be present, but may not do so. Although the title challenger has said yes, but before you will have to buy one of their bottles.

The press conference will be open to the public“.

The ticket for entry is a bottle of Proper Whiskey. Two bottles and you will jump to the top. My soldiers will be outside making sure that is rule will be strictly adhered to”.

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