Colby Covington on Tyron Woodley: “There are some things that could end your career and your life”

The interim champion of the 170 pound, Colby Covington says know certain “things” that could put at risk not only the career of Tyron Woodley, but his life.

In a recent interview for Covington said he has some secrets ‘dirty’ from his former team-mate but he gave no details about what might be these alleged secrets.

A few things,“ he Said. “I have an ace of spades in my back pocket. If this guy slips up with anything, I have… I’ve got secrets dirty on him. I know some things strong. Some real-life stories that will ruin your career and ruining your life literally.”

It is not surprising that Covington has spoken in this way about Woodley, because we all know that one of the things that catapulted him up to your title as acting was his impetuous personality. It may be true the part of knowing secrets about Woodley, in the end, were teammates at American Top Team, however, leaves the question… What secret could be so severe that you could end up with the career and even the life of Woodley?

While we wait, if the bomb explodes, it is expected that both will see the faces before the end of the year, or maybe beginning of the next, uniting again the title of welterweight.

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