Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather 2: Money ‘will never fight’ in the UFC

Earlier this week, former five-weight world champion Mayweather hinted that he’s willing to try his hand at mixed martial arts in a video posted to his Twitter and Instagram pages. 

The clip in question, which is currently the talk of the combat sports world, saw the 40-year-old step into the cage and pace up and down menacingly. 

Mayweather followed up that video with another clip, in

“2018. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. MMA. What are the odds, Paddy?” he asked while donning a pair of Paddy Power shorts. 

Mayweather’s social media antics inevitably led to talk of him having a rematch with McGregor in the UFC, something he suggested could happen throughout the build-up to their August boxing match. 

The likelihood of Mayweather having a second fight with McGregor outside of his comfort zone is highly unlikely, a notion light-heavyweight title contender Manuwa agrees with. 

“I think it’s a publicity stunt. He will not be fighting any MMA fighter,” Manuwa told Express Sport. “I think it’s a publicity stunt. 

“And I think the sheep are all falling for it. It’s just to get headlines. He just walked into a cage and the whole world is going crazy about it. He’d take two low kicks and that’s him done.

“He will never fight in MMA. I don’t think any boxer would fight in MMA. Even Anthony Joshua or any of these boxers would not step inside the cage.

“Because they know, they know. All they can do and box and hold their hands. We’ve got all the other weapons to use. They’re limited, we’re unlimited.”

Although he believes Mayweather’s antics are a plea for attention, Manuwa reckons we could very well see ‘Money’ rematch McGregor.

He added: “Mayweather wants money. He wants more money. So he’s only going to take a super fight.

“I think another fight between him and Conor could happen. Both of them like money.

“So I think that’s what that message was about. I think it was to promote a second fight between him and Conor.

“Because I saw Conor responded as well. So I think that fight could happen.”

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